About our company

                The company GPSolutions founded in 2013 by executives with modern understanding and extensive experience in network communications and support systems designed to provide reliable solutions in Information Technology and Telecommunications in the city of Rethymno. Today operates throughout the island at providing integrated solutions and services wiring (cabling), networking (networking), IT (IT), consulting & training, project development (project development) and at small , medium and large businesses in Nationwide field of air quality , cooling, heating and ecological - economic energies. It also provides outsourcing services telecommunication providers , large organizations and corporate clients. He has extensive experience and knowledge in all parts of business needs . It combines vertical knowledge of business needs and innovative technologies , presenting services, solutions and high quality products, offering its customers two key advantages:

• Differentiating against competitors

• Increased productivity with the integration and use of IT and telecommunications in everyday business processes .We are always at your disposal to serve you the best way to find the best and yet effective solution for your home or business . The GPSolutions undertakes: Installation and training in operation of any computer manufacturer. Solving damage and / or PC and any other malfunctioning , operating system installations , Data Recovery (Data Recovery). Backup (Back Up). Remove viruses and malware. Design , Installation and Maintenance Network (Server, workstation, wireless LAN). Software Installation (Software Installation). Regional facilities and upgrades. Preventive maintenance . Controlling access to the Internet (Policing, Parental Control). Install ADSL and wireless Network. We come to your place, we assess your needs and recommend the best and most effective solution .